Faults & Causes


Faults & Causes

Common faults you may come across and their causes

Noisy crackly line

Internal or external fault - check at test socket

No dialing tone

Internal or external fault - check at test socket

Intermittent noisy line

Internal or external fault - check at test socket when fault occurs

Intermittent noise on line which changes depending on the weather

Most likely external fault - check at test socket

Over hearing crossed line

If you have only one line coming into the property then it is most likely an external fault.

Faint line

90% of the time this is due to too many phones plugged in. You should try to keep the amount of phones in your home to a maximum of 4. Try unplugging some.

ADSL connection heard over line

This may be due to faulty installed wiring (star wired), wiring contact fault, faulty or no ADSL filter fitted on a connected phone, ADSL equipment faulty on sky box or other equipment. Unplug everything to find out.

Outgoing calls are okay but there are no incoming calls

This is most likely and exchange fault or a call divert on your line. Contact your service provider. You may even have a different phone number especially if you are receiving unwanted calls asking for an unknown person.

Telephone only rings once on an incoming call

If you can make outgoing calls but only hear a single ring when you receive an incoming call this is most likely an internal fault.

Experiencing any of these faults?

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